At EVZIN Bio, we love healthy living! We are inspired by discovering the purest, well-hidden superfoods and secrets of nature and bring them to light, one product at a time! We really put in the work, in order to discover the best producers and the best prices there is! We import our products in large quantities and we keep our margins low, as our strategy is to create valuable and long-term business relationships, with companies and individuals that share a similar way of thinking with us!

Nikolas, EvZin Bio Founder


We are so proud of our products, our quality for our value-for-money offering! Our philosophy is that each product should be sourced from its native country and region. We believe that there is a reason that nature chose a specific part of the world for growing specific plants and that there are quality reasons for keeping it that way!


Organic Matcha Green Tea:

We source our Matcha Green Tea from the 2 most famous production regions of Japan, Nishio and Uji Kyoto. We offer 3 different quality grades, Ceremonial, for everyday use and Culinary, as well as various packaging options. You will recognize our product, from its vibrant green colour and rich taste!



Premium Organic Turmeric Powder: 

Our Turmeric comes from India. The deep orange colour of our product, is a clear sign of high concentration in curcumin and freshness! Its rich flavour and aroma, is nothing like anything you have ever tried!


*More products coming soon!



  • Our Own Label Products: 
    We have our own line of products! We have invested in creating our own brand EvZin Bio and we aim in growing by adding the best there is in the “superfoods” market around the world, one product at a time! If you have a healthy-food shop and you are looking for retail brands, there is no doubt that you are at the right place! Your customers will definitely love our products and you will get the best wholesale prices! Have a look at our products at our SHOP PAGE
  • Private Label:
    If you are looking to create your own organic brand, that is great!
    We know from firsthand the hassle of obtaining the necessary certificates, finding a good supplier, the best package and most importantly the right price! We have already done all the hard work and now we are willing to do it for you too!
  • Bulk:
    Trading in bulk? We do to! And we offer great value-for-money options for bulk orders even for small quantities!





  1. Certified Organic: We keep our standards high! All our products are EU Certified Organic – the highest certification there is! This means that no chemicals are used for the production of any of our products! *Certificates available upon request.
  2. Highest Quality: For us, quality is of the highest importance! We are in for the long-run and we want to connect our brand with the best there is! We always source our products from the best regions in the world, where the climate conditions and processing methods are ideal for each product! But you do not need to take our word for it! A try will convince you!
  3. Great Prices: Our true goal is to encourage as many people as possible to get to know the many benefits of having a healthy lifestyle! We try to achieve this by having fair retail and wholesale prices!
  4. Support: We believe that one of the most important factors in succeeding in business, is Marketing and Communication! We support our partners with lots of original Marketing content. We keep a huge library with photos, videos, articles and recipes, all of our own production! You can get an idea from our social media accounts: Facebook Instagram
  5. Low minimum quantities: We know what it means to start small, we did too. Though we deal with large quantities, in order to get the best prices, we can accept small wholesale orders too.
  6. Free samples: We just know that if you try our products, you will love them! So we offer you this opportunity for free! You just pay for shipping!


We would love to discuss further about doing business with you! Send us an email at sales@evzinbio.com and tell us a bit about your business and your needs and we will come back with a business proposal within 48 hours max!