Matcha: The latest trend taking over the world

Any foodie or health fanatic will have noticed the sudden appearance of vibrant green products appearing on their social media feeds. As one of this year’s fastest growing trends, it seems like the whole world is jumping on the Matcha-bandwagon.

Matcha’s popularity has soared due to it being a better source of energy than coffee, along with providing an abundance of health benefits and boosting the metabolism, leading to weight loss. Health conscious celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow are regularly seen drinking the lifestyle beverage, while food bloggers often share their latest Matcha-based creations, showcasing new and imaginative ways to enjoy the versatile superfood.

Matcha was put in the spotlight at New York Fashion Week, where models where seen drinking Matcha shots backstage to keep them fuelled, their skin glowing and to boost their metabolism, not to mention providing the world’s top models a moment to relax between their chaotic schedules.

Also, Matcha is deeply connected to the long-held Eastern practice of meditation, a booming trend in the Western world as more and more people experience its wonderful impact on wellbeing. As meditation and mindfulness become more mainstream, so has the incredible green tea powder.

In a world where our lives are increasingly hectic, healthy lifestyles are important to us all. More so than ever, people are educating themselves about food and beauty products to maximise the power of nature 619roofing.com. With the wealth of benefits that improve the mind, body and soul, a unique flavour as well as being easy to prepare, it is no wonder that Matcha is loved by so many.

Given that its history spans hundreds of years, it is safe to say that Matcha is not just a passing craze but a lifestyle choice that is here to stay. To join the Matcha movement, click here to get Cyprus’ highest quality green tea powder.

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