Get better results at the gym with Matcha

Organic Matcha is the ideal pre-workout food, not only is natural, safe and healthy but it boasts a number of fitness benefits that will enhance your workout routine.

Burns more calories

The Japanese superfood has been shown to triple thermogenesis, the rate at which the human body burns calories. This is because Matcha is crammed with antioxidants, most notably EGCG, which naturally raises your metabolism, resulting in a significantly faster rate of burning calories when both resting and during your exercise routine.

Burns more fat

Research has proven that the wonder-powder increases fat oxidation by around 17-25%, which, in other words, means that your body burns fat to use as a source of energy. Furthermore, Matcha also reduces the absorption of fat.

Increase endurance

Consuming Matcha before a workout will fuel and maintain the body, increasing endurance by up to 30%. Unlike pre-workout supplements, which rely on sugar, high levels of caffeine or chemicals to give you a temporary boost in the gym, Matcha is 100% natural. Matcha contains lower levels of caffeine, which is extremely effective as it is combined with L-theanine, a plant-based amino acid that assists in the slow release of sustained energy over around five hours.

Mind over matter

Fitness addicts will know that your state-of-mind is key to any workout. The amino acid L-theanine also helps you stay focused and offers clarity, so that you get the most out of each workout.

So, given these benefits, what is the best way to incorporate Matcha into your workout schedule?

For maximum results, we recommend making Matcha a part of your regular daily routine and consuming it pre-workout for that extra boost. Drinking or eating Matcha before an exercise ensures that more calories and fat are burnt but also enables you to work harder for longer, fully maximising your efforts for the greatest gains.

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