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Benefits of Matcha - Οργανικό Ιαπωνικό Matcha

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Matcha!

Grown, hand picked and grounded in the best regions of Japan, our certified, 100% organic Matcha will offer to you all the amazing benefits of this green miracle of nature!

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea:

Matcha Green Tea, has the most antioxidants from any other superfood. Antioxidants protect our cells and DNA from damage caused by free roots.

It increases energy levels for about 5 hours without causing caffeine jitters like coffee.

It increases mental alertness and concentration levels and this is why it is used in traditional meditation practices in Japan for hundreds of years.

The amino acid L-Theanine increases calmness without causing drowsiness and it also reduces anxiety and stress levels.

The often consumption of Matcha can significantly boost metabolism, facilitating weight loss, since it speeds up the rate that the body burns calories and body fat.

Matcha’s rich concentration in antioxidants and particularly in catechins that are found only in green tea, helps in reducing the effect of time on our appearance, while it also make the skin glow.

Matcha is also packed with chlorophyll, which is responsible for its rich green colour, helps detoxify the body from toxins. Chlorophyll contributes in containing the PH of the blood and tissue and in cleansing dangerous toxins from the large intestine

The consumption of green Tea and especially Matcha, contributes in the long-term, to the reduction of high blood pressure, as it helps blood vessels to expand, allowing blood to flow easier in the body.

Catechins found in Matcha can help prevent cancer, as they neutralize free roots that cause damage to cells and DNA. The most important catechin found in Matcha is called Pigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and it is believed that it has powerful anticancer properties

Matcha is also packed with some important minerals and elements like potassium, selenium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A and C and calcium. The combination with EGCG catechin, has effective action against various infections while it also prevents the growth of harmful human pathogens like flu virus type A, hepatitis type B, herpes and other bacteria.

From Japan to Cyprus – The story of a journey

At EVZIN Bio, our vision that drove us to create our company, is to discover the greatest and most special secrets of nature, from all the corners of the world and give to the people from Cyprus the chance to taste them.

Matcha Green Tea intrigued our curiosity immediately and won our hearts from the first sip, mostly because of its numerus health benefits, its special, unique taste and also the unlimited, delicious recipes you can create with it.

After a lot of research, communication with producers from the other side of the globe, sampling and countless tastings but also lab inspections, we concluded to the origin, the producer and the quality of our Matcha, that met the high standards that we had set from the beginning of this quest.

Our Matcha is authentic Japanese and origins from the 2 best Matcha production areas in the country that discovered the green magic, Uji Kyoto and Nishio.

Check out here what else you should have in mind when selecting the best Matcha

“Matcha is not just a product for us, it’s a philosophy, a way of life”


  • Organic Products Certification
    Our company EVZIN Bio Ltd, is a certified trader of organic products and has followed all legitimate procedures to acquire the necessary licence as required by the legislation of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus. Our certificate was issued by the organisation Lacon Cyprus.organic_farming_logo
    This certification/licence ensures that all our imported products have been inspected through their journey from the producer to the final consumer by E.U recognized and official inspection bodies in order to ensure that all involved parties are certified.
    Further more, it grands us the right to use the logo of Certified E.U Organic Products on our package.
  • Laboratory Inspection of Ministry of Health of Cyprus
    Besides all the certifications and licence we have acquired, our products have successfully passed from a laboratory inspection by the competed body of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus, ensuring with the most formal way that our Matcha is 100% natural and organic

Our Promise:

At EVZIN Bio we promise to always keep the bar high and try for the best! Our passion for good life and good health is what drives us to try harder. This is to what we aim for and what we want to offer to our customers.

Thank You for trusting us!

The EVZIN Bio Team