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Stop feeling tired by following these 5 valuable tips! - Οργανικό Ιαπωνικό Matcha

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Stop feeling tired by following these 5 valuable tips!

The fast rhythms of our everyday life, the stress, the lack of sleep and our poor eating habits are some of the reasons that come to our mind first when we are trying to understand why we are easily getting tired ! All these things together or even each one separate are enough to make you feel –especially in the middle of the day- completely “dead”! Unfortunately, the day has 24 hours and you have to find ways to seize the day and cope with your everyday activities! Turn to the natural stimulation of your body and see your battery level going up!

  1. A very good idea-as strange as it may sound at first- is the shower with cold water. Hot water can be relaxing, but the cold one can offer you your lost energy back. Your blood flow and your pulses will be increased in order your body to fight against the shock of cold water, while you will literally come out of the bathtub like another man!
  2. When you feel that your energy level is “falling” instead of drinking coffee, choose the Matcha tea! It will give you a direct boosting along with other nutritious elements. Caffeine is contained in a normal level that does not harm your body, while offering you a steady release of long-lasting energy also because of L-Theanine amino acid. The positive thing is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways :as a tea beverage, as a latte, in smoothies, in salads, in yogurt..even in ice cream!



  1. An extra golden tip is to avoid eating too heavy meals the previous night! The digestion will be delayed and the bad effects will certainly follow you even the next morning. For this reason, avoid swelling and the sense of fatigue by choosing a light snack up to 200 calories as dinner.
  2. A key anti-fatigue ally is the high-quality sleep! So in order you to avoid the feeling of sleepiness, you need to sleep enough and in appropriate conditions. This means that you should avoid the use of electronic devices or watching TV just before sleeping. You should also limit staying up late for continuous nights without any serious reason. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours per day!
  3. Finally, natural light can offer immediate energy to your body! Especialy, when the sun is shinning , it gives us visible vitality and a sense of well-being. For this reason, it is recommended that you should directly get in touch with natural light after you waking up in the morning, or just let the sun light up your room from the window. After that, your day will certainly start with a different mood and energy!

5+1 λόγοι γιατί στην EVZIN BIO θα βρεις το καλύτερο Matcha!





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